The small boat Giada, with captain, takes Guests every afternoon along the banks to the “Castelli” on the islets facing Cannero Riviera and south to Villa Massimo d’Azeglio for a short excursion of about 30 minutes, the “Sunset Tour”. Transportation to the Luino market on Wednesdays and to the Cannobio market on Sundays is also organised. And it is always possible to request the availability of the Giada boat with captain for private events or special excursions. The Giada boat can carry up to 20 people. Aperitifs or picnics can also be organized during transport.

The Beneteau motorboat can be rented by Guests and does not require a boat license, it can carry up to 6 people.

The Beneteau motorboat and the Giada small boat are anchored to the jetty and buoys of the Park Hotel Italia but are naturally also available for Guests of the Hotel Cannero and for Clients of the Europa Restaurant.

Guests who decide to reach Cannero Riviera with their boats can anchor at the buoys and can use the “tender” service.

The wooden jetty is also a special point to dive into the waters of the lake without difficulty or to dive.