Meeting rooms

The “Scuderie” at the Park Hotel Italia, in a separate structure at the entrance to the large garden, can host conferences and events with a maximum of 20 – 25 participants. Upon request, coffee breaks and snacks can be organised. The “Stables” can be equipped with blackboards, projectors, screens and other equipment useful for the success of conferences and meetings.

At the Hotel Cannero the Reading Room of the House of the Baron of Sant’Agabio with the coffered ceiling hand painted and renovated in total respect of the original, with the engraved medieval architrave and the granite columns and the windows overlooking the lake it can be used as a meeting room for up to 20-25 participants.

The adjacent room, smaller, can also be used as a support for the main Reading-Meeting Room or for mini-meetings for 5-8 participants. Both rooms can be equipped with everything needed for a conference or meeting.