Residenza dei Fiori

The Residenza dei Fiori is made up of two buildings.
The first is directly connected to the House of the Baron of Sant’Agabio, with massive stone walls and tunnels from which you can reach the Main House of the Hotel Cannero with the Restaurant and the swimming pool. Equipped with a lift, it is easily accessible from the internal courtyard next to the garage, which serves all three floors of this building.
The second, more recently built, which overlooks the swimming pool, can be reached via private passages of the Residenza dei Fiori. Its two floors are served by stairs, without a lift. However, we would like to remind you that Guests, both upon arrival and upon departure, are always assisted by our staff who accompanies them and helps with their luggage. Furthermore, upon arrival, guests are always provided with information on the layout of the buildings, their functions and the services offered by the Hotel Cannero and the Residenza dei Fiori.